Man Wearing Telepathy Walker
Woman Wearing Telepathy Walker
Telepathy Walker over Glasses

Discover the World

The world is full of wonders. So much so that we need an augmented reality eyewear and applications that together enable us to get around safely and see things we've never noticed before. 

Portable & Foldable 


Natural Vision Retained


Made in Japan

Full-fledged Android Device

Put in your pocket when not in use

Clear display even under  intense sunlight

Wear over your prescription glasses

No need to switch your focuses

Sturdy and durable

Running on Android 4.4 Kitkat

Discovery Channel's Special Feature 

on Telepathy Walker at SXSW


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Walker is far more than just a navigation device. Through our app marketplace, you will be able to install applications that enable you to see and explore the world in ways you’ve never experienced, including location-based augmented reality games, vision sharing, and simultaneous translation. Learn More

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