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Telepathy Walker

Business Edition

Telepathy expands further in collaboration with businesses that make the most of our open smart eyewear application development platform.


Business Edition comes with developer options in addition to basic functions, allowing you to develop and distribute applications.

Built-in Comfortability

We take ergonomics very seriously. Our light-weight design enables you to wear Telepathy Walker for extended periods of time with comfort.

With our unique head mounting system, you can wear the device over prescription glasses. You can also easily detach, fold, and put it in your  pocket when not in use.

Natural Vision Unaffected

Telepathy's "Zen Optics®" is a patented technology encompassing all aspects of display technology. Zen Optics® enables you to see floating high-res images comparable to high-end monitors with your natural vision unaffected.

Sunlight-proof Display

Telepathy Walker projects clear, high-res images no matter where you are. Unlike other smart eyewear products, our display fully functions even under intense sunlight during the summer.

Endless Possibilities


Simply follow an AR arrow up to your destination. Intuitive UI allows everyone to get around safely and efficiently, whether you are traveling abroad or on your way to business meeting.


Smartglasses enhance GPS-based games. Let users fully enjoy immersive experiences with their hands free.

Simultaneous Translation

Build translation applications with various built-in sensors. Not only does smart eyewear enable voice recognition, but it also offers real-time visual translation when you're on the go.


Capture the moment before anyone holds a camera. Share pictures and videos right away with your smartphone using bluetooth.

What's in it?

Device & Attachments

Access to support & app market websites

Developer options for app development & distribution

Technical support (email)

*Business Edition requires USB connection with a computer for firmware updates.


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